Cannot delete files in Windows XP

By GreggorF ·
I'm a professional photographer and I am having difficulty deleting image files or folders once I have opened them. I get a message: this file/folder cannot be deleted it may be in use. . . If I reboot and go back to them without opening them I can delete them. I contacted MS and they suggested going into msconfig and shut down any programs that initialize at startup one at a time until I locate the one that was running in the background and was not allowing me to delete my files. I tried that and was not successful in find such a program. Has any one run into this problem and if so, were you able to overcome it, and how?

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Many a-times i have had this same issue,

But you have to remember that if you are using a file (whether it be a photo or doc), you have to close it first before you delete it. If you are using something like Adobe css or Lightroom, you can delete your photo's nice and easy through this, on the plus side with this program is that it (if you use it that is) does a double copy if you use RAW files on your camera. If you are just using the Windows software then you are going to come up with this "error" lark, Windows wants you to shut the door first and then open it just to chuck some rubbish out. Get the Adobe Lighroom software it is brilliant for your photo's.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Deleting a file in on Win XP

by franklin_1105 In reply to Cannot delete files in Wi ...

please check maybe the time you are deleting it is in use, or you have a program running with that particular file

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Try this

by nepenthe0 In reply to Cannot delete files in Wi ...

I encounter this glitch periodically. The simplest solution is to log off, relog on, and then attempt file deletion. This has always worked for me.

There is another fix posted by Microsoft:;en-us;Q308421

Several weeks ago, someone posted the same problem which proved refractory to the above.

Kelly's Korner posted the following fix on Sept'05:

1) log into Windows as another user

2) Open explorer, navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\
UserName <---user name with the bad files

3) Click Tools > Folder Options > View, make sure that hide files is not enabled

4) Move all files in the desktop folder to another location
5) Navigate to location in #4 in Run menu
6) Enter RD /S Desktop
7) Create a new desktop folder
Move everything back
9) Log off, then log in again as the original user.

Good luck.

Rick/Portland, OR

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The most common cause of this 'error' ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Cannot delete files in Wi ...

Whichever utility you are using for viewing, editing and cataloguing your photo files, there is undoubtedly some form of directory structure within this utility.

If this utility's directory structure STILL has a window with this file 'in view', then the error will occur. By this I mean JUST the file name - not the image - even if you close the application with the filename 'visible'.

By moving up one level in the utility's directory, so that the 'offending' file is no longer visible in the active window - the error will disappear. :)


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by jruby In reply to Cannot delete files in Wi ...

These two tools can be used to show what application has what files open. It may be that the output from these can give you a hint as to what's locking things up.


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