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Cannot delete print job from queue

By wpcc ·
I have several printers in a 3 location network connected by vpn gateways.
The printers are attached to HP directjet 175x print servers with the most current drivers and firmware from HP. The server in the network is a w2k server and the application uses RDP to print. The computers are w2k and wxppro. On occasion a print job does not print and cannot be deleted or canceled. Needless to say, nothing can be printed after. The solution has been to delete the printer, reinstall and go on. This is very difficult with remote locations. Is there a solution? By the way, printers are HP laserjet 1015's and 1200's. None are connected to a computer directly.
thanks, Gordon

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Cannot delete print job from queue

by lindseymackenzie In reply to Cannot delete print job f ...

We have found that re-booting the printer usually works but it can take a few tries of delete job/reboot. Alternatively starting and stopping the print server also works. This can disrupt all the other printers but only for a matter of seconds.

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by elbertsim In reply to Cannot delete print job f ...

Logon to the print server with Administrative priviledges.

Close the Printers Folder.

In Control Panel / Services, browse to the Spooler service and stop it.. If you are using TCP/IP Printing Services, stop it also.

Delete the .spl and .shd files from %SystemRoot%\System32\Spool\Printers that have the approximate time and date of the print job causing the problem.

Restart the sevices that you stopped.

NOTE: In some cases, Windows NT may not allow the *.spl file(s) to be deleted or renamed. Renaming the *.shd file and restarting the spooler service may be enough to clear the problem.

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Stoping and starting service cleared the problem

by harpertc In reply to

This solution really worked. I had rebooted the host computer several times but just couldn't rid myself of the print job.

Only stopping the service cured the problem

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by graeme In reply to Cannot delete print job f ...

.....we also discovered it pays to empty the <User>\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Temp folder of dross.

It's a hidden folder when you are looking for it.

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Me too

by graeme In reply to Cannot delete print job f ...

While researching a slightly different problem - I found MANY others asking the same question but who have no answer. I guess whoever knows this one can write the book and make a fortune!

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