Cannot Download UPHClean --- WHY?

By rajsdoshi ·
Using IE, I go to:

to download the UserProfileHiveCleanup, and I am asked to Click "Continue Validation."

When I click on "Continue," I get an Error Window that says:

"Your current Security Settings do not aloow this file to be downloaded."

I am running Genuine XP, and my IE is set (temporarily) to LOW Privacy, Pop-up OK, and as TRUSTED SITE.

How can I Get Validated to Download the UPHCleanup Utility from Microsoft??

Thank you in advance!

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Works OK for me ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Cannot Download UPHClean ...

I'm using Firefox3 though.

Maybe you've not got all the updates or SP3 yet ?

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Did Not Update to SP3.....unable to D/L UPHC

by rajsdoshi In reply to Works OK for me ...

That's right;
- I am using FF3
- I chose NOT to update to XP SP3.

(I am afraid its going to cause me untold headaches).

Is that the Problem?? Thank you again.

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Canno D/L UPHCleaner

by rajsdoshi In reply to Works OK for me ...

My XP is fully Updated, EXCEPT for SP3.
I use FF3

Thank you

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FF is the problem here

by OH Smeg In reply to Canno D/L UPHCleaner

This is because the Genuine M$ Software doesn't run on it. If you want to continue to use FF click on the alternative Validation Method down load the Validation App run it when prompted and then you should be able to download this Utility.

Of course using IE would also work.


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"Alternative" Microsoft Genuine Validation

by rajsdoshi In reply to FF is the problem here

I could not fine a link to "Alternative" Validation. (I searched Google for this).

If there is a link I missed, please let me know.

Thank you.

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This is supposed to be on the Validation Web Page

by OH Smeg In reply to "Alternative" Microsoft G ...

Where you are prompted to Validate your OS before being able to download this Utility from M$.

As I have never used FF to do this from the M$ Download Center I can only go on what M$ Claim is on their Web Pages. I have however used the Alternative Validation Method previously when downloading with IE.


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Cannot See "Alternative" Validation

by rajsdoshi In reply to This is supposed to be on ...

Thanks for the suggestion OH Smeg.

Old Mycroft made me realize that I have NOT
deleted my IE. Its on my PC. I could launch it. Thank God.

In a prior paranoid moment, I have Disabled all Active X - now I see. I will Enable it bit by bit, and see what happens.

I will keep you all posted.

MANY THANKS for your valuable time.

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likely it is exactly

by The Scummy One In reply to Cannot Download UPHClean ...

what it states the problem is, I believe you need to allow an Active X component to install. If it is disabled, then it does not run.

Is there a bar that pops up in IE that states to download cklick here or some such thing?

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New Icon?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to likely it is exactly

I like the new icon/avatar! Fits you well!!!

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Allowing Active X....

by rajsdoshi In reply to likely it is exactly

No, I never got any such Pop-Up in IE.

I will look into Active-X; that could be a reason as you suggest.


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