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Cannot fill panels

By yen2 ·
My niece uses her Win98-PC to do web searches as part of her schoolwork, but recently she found that she could not enter any characters into panels eg. the search panel in yahoo. The keyboard works fine... could type text into notepad for example. But with panels, she can't even get the stick character into the panel to begin typing. Please advise.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Cannot fill panels

That sounds like some kind of infection. I take it that there is an active Virus program installed here right?

If so then make sure that the AV Definitions are up to date and run a Scan over the system. If that comes back clean try scanning for Spy Ware with the following programs

After they are installed you can update then directly from the program and then run scans with each of them. If you pickup any problems remove them and then run the scan again till it comes up as clean. You need to check if you have actually removed the problems before proceeding further.


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by Deadly Ernest In reply to Cannot fill panels

Yahoo extensively uses Java on their sites. I would check to see if you have the current version of Java loaded, and that you have the browser set to alolow the use of Java. If the browser is not correctly interpreting the Java code from the web site then it will NOT be displaying the pannel as a data enterable panel.

I have seen a variation of this before on MSIE access the Games section of Yahoo and a download and install of the latest version of Java from Sun fixed that problem.

You can test this by going to other web sites that have data entry panels but do NOT use Java for their operation - if the entry works there but not on other Java utilised sites then it would relate to the Java settings in the Browser.

You could even try a different browser like Avant or FireFox.

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