Cannot find field used in an Acccess databse creating a HTML report

By colkas ·
what is this code doing especially in this area

TableSamples.SampleMaterialRisk, MaterialRiskString(TableSamples.SampleMaterialRisk) As SampleMaterialRiskBand, TableSamples.SamplePriorityRisk, PriorityRiskString(TableSamples.SamplePriorityRisk) As SamplePriorityRiskBand

we have on our HTML report a priority risk code which is the sample material risk but then it give us a priority risk band of Ver Low or High etc...... but I cannot find this file anywhere in the dtabase in the table samples (full code below)

{# UseFile report.css #} {# LoadQuery SELECT TableSamples.SampleID, GetSampleRefFromID(TableSamples.SampleID) As SampleRef, TableSamples.SampleDate, VListAreas.ItemValue As SampleArea, VListFloors.ItemValue As SampleFloor, TableSamples.SampleRoom, VListComponents.ItemValue As SampleComponent, TableSamples.SampleSurveyType, ListAsbestosType.Description As SampleAsbestosType, nz(ListAnalysis.Description,"NADIS") As SampleAnalysis, nz(ListCondition.Description,"NADIS") As SampleCondition, nz(ListFriability.Description,"NADIS") As SampleFriability, nz(ListPosition.Description,"NADIS") As SamplePosition, nz(ListTreatment.Description,"NADIS") As SampleTreatment, TableSamples.SampleMaterialRisk, MaterialRiskString(TableSamples.SampleMaterialRisk) As SampleMaterialRiskBand, TableSamples.SamplePriorityRisk, PriorityRiskString(TableSamples.SamplePriorityRisk) As SamplePriorityRiskBand, TableSamples.SampleRecommendations, VListLabs.ItemValue As SampleLab, VListRemovalCosts.ItemValue As SampleRemovalCost, VListNextInspectionDates.ItemValue As SampleNextInspectionDate, VListActions.ItemValue As SampleAction, TableSamples.SamplePhotoID, TableSites.SiteSurveyorsName As SampleSurveyorsName FROM (((((((((((((TableSamples LEFT JOIN VListAreas ON TableSamples.SampleAreaID=VListAreas.ID) LEFT JOIN VListFloors ON TableSamples.SampleFloorID=VListFloors.ID) LEFT JOIN VListComponents ON TableSamples.SampleComponentID=VListComponents.ID) LEFT JOIN ListAsbestosType ON TableSamples.SampleAsbestosTypeID=ListAsbestosType.ID) LEFT JOIN ListAnalysis ON TableSamples.SampleAnalysisID=ListAnalysis.ID) LEFT JOIN ListCondition ON TableSamples.SampleConditionID=ListCondition.ID) LEFT JOIN ListFriability ON TableSamples.SampleFriabilityID=ListFriability.ID) LEFT JOIN ListPosition ON TableSamples.SamplePositionID=ListPosition.ID) LEFT JOIN ListTreatment ON TableSamples.SampleTreatmentID=ListTreatment.ID) LEFT JOIN VListLabs ON TableSamples.SampleLabID=VListLabs.ID) LEFT JOIN VListRemovalCosts ON TableSamples.SampleRemovalCostID=VListRemovalCosts.ID) LEFT JOIN VListNextInspectionDates ON TableSamples.SampleNextInspectionDateID=VListNextInspectionDates.ID) LEFT JOIN VListActions ON TableSamples.SampleActionID=VListActions.ID) LEFT JOIN TableSites ON TableSamples.SampleSiteID=TableSites.SiteID WHERE TableSamples.SampleSiteID={!SiteID!} ORDER BY TableSamples.SampleID #} {# ForEachRecord #} {# IfNotFirstRecord #}

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Cannot find field used in ...

well the raw data appears to be in TableSamples, e.g SampleMaterialRisk, I'm guessing, but then MaterialRiskString converts the field content to the value you are seeing in the output.

So to get your answer you need to find where that's defined , don't ask me, I don't do access....

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