CANNOT get my wireless to connect to the internet!!!!

By Laos_lunatic ·
Hey im abit of a noob but i really need help on solving this problem with my wireless connections.
Well my computer is the only computer connected directly to the router by a LAN cable. I have 2 other computers connected via wireless. This is my laptop and another computer in the house.
Well heres the problem. My wireless connections use to be able to connect to the internet but since i have set up a static IP adress to my desktop the wireless connections have not been able to access the internet.I have tried to put a static IP address on all the wireless connections but still no luck. I am using a DSL-502T router which is connect to the DI-524 wireless router. Please someone give me a solution.

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Little more detail would help

by jruby In reply to CANNOT get my wireless to ...

A few things to check:

Since most home routers default to an IP address of, make sure that your default gateway settings on your wireless connections use that address. Also, and I've bit myself in the butt with this one once or twice, make sure you're not duplicating ip addresses on your network if you start entering static ip's.

If you can ping your default gateway, then the next thing to check is the DNS server entries on your wireless workstation. Make sure the wireless stations are using the same DNS server the wired station is using. I've known some routers to hand out their ip address as the dns when you use DHCP, which may or may not work. provides free dns servers at and if you want to go through them.

Hope this helps, post back if there's still problems - someone here is bound to be able to figure it out!


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RE: Little more detail would help

by Laos_lunatic In reply to Little more detail would ...

DHCP is not enbaled for my wireless, does it need to be? and ive checked all the entries on my wireless workstations and yes they have the same DNS as my wired desktop.

The IP adress i entered for my desktop is:
my wireless laptop is:
what really confuses me is that the wireless says it connected to the wireless network. Its just the internet that is not working. maybe i need to configure something on my ADSL router? ive also posted my IP details on one of the replies.

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Why use static ip address..

Why not change the routers to "DHCP" and get them to automatically get the ip address. Well on of them you will setup this way and the other router you will need to setup to use as "ADHOC" (piggyback). But since you only have three or less computers why not connect them through just one router, your wireless router:

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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RE: Why use static ip address..

by Laos_lunatic In reply to Why use static ip address ...

i need a stable IP adress to host something of mine. but i just cant seem to get the wireless to connect to the internet. that connect to my network but not to the internet. I am stumped =(... i posted my IP details to one of the replies if that will do any help.

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On the second router have you to set it to "adhoc"?

Since you have posted that the two are connected, so if you want one of them to pass through the other you will have to set the other router to "adhoc" in the router settings. The adhoc router will be the one that is attached to the other router that is attached to the net.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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IP conflict?

by jimmy-jam In reply to CANNOT get my wireless to ...

The static IP you gave your desktop PC, what is it? Did you use the same IP as the router and now you have a conflict? I am going to assume you are using a static IP because your desktop hosts some type of service you need to access by IP address. My advise in that case would be to simply create a client reservation on your router for that PC and change your desktop back to DHCP. Try that and see if it doesn't help.

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RE:IP conflict?

by Laos_lunatic In reply to IP conflict?

Ok here is my IP details of both my desktop and on of my wireless laptops.

DHCP enabled - no
IP adress -
Subnet mask -
default gateway -
DNS servers -

DHCP enabled - no
IP adress -
Subnet mask -
default gateway -
DNS servers -

i dont think i have a router conflict. because the wireless can still connect to the wireless router. it just cant connect to the internet...

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The Best Way

by AruJammer In reply to RE:IP conflict?

To assign a static IP to a computer, is to do it in the router itself, this can prevent you having an ip conflict in your network.
With most router you only have to specify the MAC adress of the computer's NIC and the router will manage to assign the LAN ip and also the gateway/dns to get on the internet.

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RE: The Best Way

by Laos_lunatic In reply to The Best Way

So do i put in the mac adress to the wireless router or my internet router? i have done something like that but it still has not worked.

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Why are your IP addresses so far up the range ?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to RE:IP conflict?

You don't have 147 nodes surely ?

Try to keep the IPs within the first 10.

Alternatively, have you tried this router with DHCP enabled?
That way you just set IP & DNS to 'Automatic'.

I think you may be making a rod for your own back by insisting to do things 'your' way.

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