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    CANNOT get my wireless to connect to the internet!!!!


    by laos_lunatic ·

    Hey im abit of a noob but i really need help on solving this problem with my wireless connections.
    Well my computer is the only computer connected directly to the router by a LAN cable. I have 2 other computers connected via wireless. This is my laptop and another computer in the house.
    Well heres the problem. My wireless connections use to be able to connect to the internet but since i have set up a static IP adress to my desktop the wireless connections have not been able to access the internet.I have tried to put a static IP address on all the wireless connections but still no luck. I am using a DSL-502T router which is connect to the DI-524 wireless router. Please someone give me a solution.

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      As a”noob”

      by computercookie ·

      In reply to CANNOT get my wireless to connect to the internet!!!!

      stick to DHCP.

      What is the IP of the Router and the subnet?

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      Well, five things about your static address

      by robo_dev ·

      In reply to CANNOT get my wireless to connect to the internet!!!!

      is it a duplicate?
      network number
      subnet mask
      default gateway
      dns settings

      Don’t duplicate your addresses!
      if you have a dhcp server, your static address cannot be one that your dhcp server could assign, so if your dhcp has a range of to 100, then your static has to be 101 or higher

      Network number:
      on a 192.168.0.x network, the first three numbers gotta be the same 192.168.0.

      The mask:
      the subnet mask has to match. is most likely on home LAN

      Default gateway:
      this has to be the IP of your router. typically Make sure you can ping this address or it won’t work.

      Your DNS server setting must also be the IP address of your router.

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