cannot get past the windows xp home logon window

By jby ·
I ran spybot to remove a virus from my wife's computer. It deleted most infected files but there was one that required the computer be restarted to delete it. I shut down the computer and restarted it. The computer presents a window that asks you to click on either "administrator" or "her name". When I click on either of those the computer message says "loading personal settings" then immediately says "logging off". This occurs when I start up the computer in normal and safe modes. What can I do to get past this screen?

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Repair Install

by TheChas In reply to cannot get past the windo ...

Your best option is to use your Windows (not a recovery disk) disk to perform a repair / in-place upgrade installation of Windows.

If you know the exact file that was removed, you might be able to use the recovery console to replace just that 1 file.

Just a side note: SpyBot is not an anti-virus application. SpyBot only provides protection from ad-ware and some other mal-ware applications.

You should be running a full function anti-virus application such as Avast or AVG along with a software firewall to protect your system.


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which Windows XL disk?

by jby In reply to Repair Install

She can't find the Windows (and other software) disks that came with her Dell computer. Can I use the Windows XL disk that came with my personal computer?

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RE; Can I use the Windows XL disk

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to which Windows XL disk?

Presumably you mean the Windows XP Disc that came with your computer as I have no idea of what Windows XL is.

But if you do mean the Dell Windows Recovery Disc or another system makers Windows Disc this is a Slipstreamed Install Disc made by the System Maker not M$ so it's not suitable to do a Repair/In Place Install. It's not a full version of Windows if you like but a stripped down version made specifically for that individual computer model.

Also as most of the System Makers use what is effectively a Volume License Image to make their Slipstreamed Images from you can not use a OEM or Retail Disc to do a repair Install with as you need the same version of Install Disc as the system already has if you want to use the same Product that the system has licensed to it.

So if you have a OEM version of XP Pro you need to use a OEM XP Pro Install Disc if you have a Retail Version of XP Home you need to use a Retail XP Home Install Disc.

If you have a Volume License Version of XP Pro you need to use a Volume License XP Pro Install Disc.

The full instructions to do a Repair/In Place Install are listed here


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