Cannot get Remote Web Workplace (RWW) to work externally?

By GZ2525 ·

I am trying to get RWW to work externally for my company, but for some reason I am unable to get it to show up. I have OWA working fine using the address:

if I try to get to my default web site (Default.htm) it will not work using that address either. I would really like to get my companyweb and RWW working externally, but RWW will be fine for now.

My setup:

SBS 2003, Exchange 2003, ISA 2004, IIS 6

I have the DNS setup correctly so I think there must be a firewall problem with ISA 2004, but I've tried numerous things to no avail.

I have a self-signed certificate in place for and all the firewall policies are in place from using CEICW.

Any suggestions?

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A little further with this

by GZ2525 In reply to Cannot get Remote Web Wor ...

Okay, I did some stuff in ISA and now I can get my Internal website to work externally.

ClientHelp and Remote still are not working. They come up with a login box and I input my name and password and then try again and then it says

"404 Not Found"

How do I get it to not come up with the login box. I just want it to go to RWW login and ClientHelp should have no login

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