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    Cannot Install Any Games


    by adoxos-kallitechnis ·

    Ok so everytime that I go to try to install a program I can not. I have tried three programs which are Delta Force: Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre, Shock And Awe For Black Hawk Down, and World Of Warcraft.

    Everytime that I go to install these programs they start up just fine and start installing as if though nothing is wrong. However, about maybe 20-30% into the install, if I am lucky enough to get that far sometimes, my computer desides to restart.

    It comes up to a blue screen and says that ‘There has been a problem detected and Windows has shut down to prevent any damage to be caused.’

    I originally was able to install Delta Force: Black Hawk Down and it worked fine. Then I tried installing its expansion and that is when it started happening. This was about two weeks ago. I DID a System Restore to I think about 3 or 4 days before I even installed the game hoping that was the reason. It did not work.

    So if someone could PLEASE help me out I would appreciate it as this is VERY frustrating.

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