cannot install winxp on laptop.

By dangolrajesh ·
On my office i have new laptop. system Model-Presario v3500 Notebook PC. Processor- Intel(R) Core (TM)2 Dou cpu.When i buy it there is already a windows Vista home series. but i cannot join in domain. so i need to install windows xp professional. when i boot with winxp loads files and gives the message "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer." Make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and ......
setup cannot continue. to quit setup, press F3

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What is happening here is that you have a SATA HDD

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to cannot install winxp on l ...

And need to install the drivers for it by pressing the F6 at the very first Blue Screen on the XP setup Installer. Now the problem is that the XP installer looks directly to the A Drive to find the files necessary to load the SATA drivers so you'll need to look on the Compaq Web Site for XP Drivers for the SATA HDD or M'Board Chip Set Drivers and then copy the SATA Drivers to the Root of what passes as an A Drive on your system.

Of you could try following the instructions here to Slipstream a XP Install copy that includes the SATA Drivers. I'm not sure how well this works as I've never tried doing it but it would be the fastest option if you don't have the ability to access an A Drive

OH you'll also need a product Key for XP as the Vista One will not work.


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by IC-IT In reply to cannot install winxp on l ...

One that model you may go into the BIOS and turn off enhanced SATA support. It is under System Configuration. After loading XP you should download the drivers and turn it back on.
Download driver, open device manager, delete the IDE Controller, Reboot, enter BIOS, re-enable enhanced support. XP will pick up the new device, point the found new hardware wizard to the file location (try automatic first).

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cannot find turn off enhanced sata support.

by dangolrajesh In reply to BIOS

hey bwilmot i cannot find turn off enhanced sata support. There is nothing like that.

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Exactly Which ....

by IC-IT In reply to cannot find turn off enha ...

.....model do you have?
The setup manual says it should be in the BIOS Under System Configuration 2nd choice.
It also states some models may not have this option.
They don't list 3500, but do list an 01, 02, 03, etc.
Here is a link to the 3501.

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How do I Install Win XP in a Laptop that Came with Vista?

by rmpraveen In reply to cannot install winxp on l ... praveen frm Coimbatore,India...i to tried as ur post...i cant install XP on Vista u hav any answers...if so reply to my mail

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You need to wipe the HDD and have a copy of the SATA Drivers first

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How do I Install Win XP i ...

Then you can go about wiping the HDD off all traces of Vista with something like Boot & Nuke available here

Then with either a OEM or Retail copy of XP you can proceed to install from that CD and you'll need to access a Floppy Drive to load the SATA Drivers for XP.


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