Cannot join any computers to my domain.

By fmuise ·
I have a server 2003 box set up as a domain controller and I can't join another 2003 box or an XP box to it, but I can ping both by name and IP address. I have correctly configured IP address on all.

I have done this several times, without troubles, so i'm not sure whats going on any suggestions.

Should I be able to ping the domain its self, exp., because I get no reply.

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so what does the computer say the reason you can't

by CG IT In reply to Cannot join any computers ...

without knowing that....well...who knows what's wrong.

did you try without the firewall on? and are you sure the clients have the AD DNS server listed?

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Thanks for the reply, ahhhh.

by fmuise In reply to so what does the computer ...

It was the DNS configuration on the Clients, I rushed when I set the IPs up to fast and made a mistake, thanks for the reply.

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DNS. Auto config

by toy_soldier40 In reply to Thanks for the reply, ah ...

IP and DNS should be auto config anyway.

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not if the perimeter router is the DHCP server

by CG IT In reply to DNS. Auto config

the perimeter route [consumer and SMB level] will give clients the ISP DNS servers. So what you have to do is manually configure the the DNS servers with the AD DNS server as the first DNS server on the perimeter router so that clients will look to that first. With the AD DNS server you also need to configure that with forwarders so queries it can't resolve are sent to the default gateway.

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