cannot load facebook on windows starter?

By sk20 ·
i dont seem to be able to load facebook on windows starter 7 on my laptop...
does anyone know how i could correct this?

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Some thoughts

by TobiF In reply to cannot load facebook on w ...

But you can open other sites?

When facebook doesn't load, try "view source" to see if you actually DID receive something, that doesn't construe to a web-page.

May there be any browsing filter between you and the internet?

Have you tried the light version of facebook (mainly intended for mobile phones):

Are you using Internet Explorer? Have you tried any other browser, like Mozilla Firefox or Opera?

Do you have any Proxy settings in use?

If you open a command window and enter "ping", will the request resolve to a reasonable ip address, and will you get ping replies from the other side?

If you remain in the command window and enter "nslookup", what does it answer (There should be two parts: an identification of your current DNS server and then some address(es) to facebook)

<b>But, my main guess is that you're a victim of incompatibility with IP version 6 somewhere between your home router and your ISP.</b> Try to change your DNS servers to, say, GoogleDNS: and

<i>Eagerly waiting for your follow-up!</i>

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facebook on windows 7 starter

by richie3po In reply to cannot load facebook on w ...

I am not sure why that would be happening. Perhaps you have facebook blocked in your Internet settings somewhere?

Do you have Windows Live Essentials installed? Perhaps Family Safety is blocking your access. What error messages are you given when you try to access the site?

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