Cannot load site on any device connected to my wifi

By akruzic143 ·
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I am not that computer literate so please bear with me. I have numeroud devices connected to my wifi, I was able to connect to a gift site (mygiftcardsplus) and then was not able to from any of my devices that were connected to my home wifi. This happened suddenly a few months back. I can connect via my phone data to load the site. To be sure it was my wifi I had a relative bring over her device and try loading it connected to my wifi and she could not either. It works on her home wifi before and after. I have reset my router and am not sure how to go about fixing the issue. Thank you in advance for your time and any advice.
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Instead of resetting the Router

by OH Smeg In reply to Cannot load site on any d ...

Have you unplugged it and left it disconnected for 30 seconds?

If not do that as it will clear any spikes that may have scrambeled the unit and get it working again.

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If it is just this site that isn't getting through, it is likely your ISP (internet service provider) causing the issue.

One thing you can do to be sure is (assuming the modem and router are separate) connect a computer directly to the modem via ethernet cable and see if you can get to the website. If result is the same, contact your ISP. If you are able to get to the site when bypassing the router, then you have a configuration problem on your router.

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Router configuration

by benjamin1565388851 In reply to Cannot load site on any d ...

I think your router has a configuration problem.

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