Cannot log into W2K3 using administrator account

By TheHeadMushroom ·
I have just come back from 6 weeks leave. While I was gone, users at one of our sites (they have their own W2K3 domain and small network) started getting 'password expiry' messages. The date for password changing passed while I was away, but now all the users who didn't change their password by the due date cannot log in. They keep getting 'the system could not log you on. Make sure your username and domain are correct and type your password again. Letters in passwords must be typed using correct case'. They aren't presented with an option to change the password, they are just denied access. And now the scary part - the same thing happens to the domain administrator I cannot even log onto the server to see what is going on. The DC in this domain also runs an enterprise application, which is still running at this stage, so I don't even really want to reboot the server just in case that stops working as well.

I posted this question on the Microsoft forums, and copped abuse for my troubles, so, if for some reason you find this question offensive just disregard it and move on to the next one, but if you have anything constructive to add, please do!

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password policies for a domain do not apply to the DC

by CG IT In reply to Cannot log into W2K3 usin ...

and the domain administrators account by default, for this very reason. The DC GPO linked to the DC OU blocks certain setting of the default domain GPO and any other GPO that affects the password policies and domain administrators account policies.

Also, the password policy does not lock out users who don't change their password by the due date, rather a popup box requires them to change their password before logging in. If the change isn't being made, then you have a problem in Active Directory.

If you can't get it using an alternative account or another domain admin, or server operators account, then there's really only 1 option left. that is to reset the administrator's account password in Windows 2003. I use passware. pricey but it works 100% of the time.

note: anything running under the administrators password will not run anymore once the password is reset.

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Password issue

by simphiwe.zulu In reply to Cannot log into W2K3 usin ...

Follow the propmts : Start,control panel,user accounts select the username that you want its password to be reset password tab,type in the old password,new password and confirm the new password,restart your machine put in the password and continue working.Good luck>>

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