Cannot Log Onto Win2k Server

By Shaun.G ·
I am getting rather frustrated at having to reboot my win2k server everyday because I keep getting the message:

The system cannot log you on due to the following error:

The network request is not supported

After a reboot all is well.

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So what is setup on this unit and do you allow it to

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Cannot Log Onto Win2k Ser ...

Enter the Power Saving State as if you do this will most likely be the problem.


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Power Saving State

by Shaun.G In reply to So what is setup on this ...

The Power Saving State is set to always on (in bios too).

It is a simple setup. Nothing really configured on it at all. It is the server software, but as a pc. It has ftp and http server running, through a router with a firewall.

Perhaps there is a hardware failure? The pc is very old its a pII 350 mhz.

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Could be a Hardware Problem but it doesn't sound like it

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Power Saving State

As the unit appears to be working while it's in use but the moment that it's left alone for any period of time you can not longer log in.

That sounds much more like a Software Problem connected to the Server Install.

If the Power Saving is turned off in the OS then what else is time sensitive in it?

What about the Client or Workstation does that have the Power Saving turned of?


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Power Saving

by Shaun.G In reply to Could be a Hardware Probl ...

I never use power saving - perhaps I should, but I do not.

I have a robocopyu setup to copy data from two winxp home machines to the server.

The server is only a server for the web and ftp servers. There is nothing configured.

It does have a scsi drive connected - tape backup, but this never used anymore. Keep wanting to remove it.

Its only in the last few months that the problem has become more and more pronounced. I never used to have this problem at all. It is like a fault has grown. The pc itself is very old and very second - perhaps even third hand. I got it from a computer fair.

I have re-installed the os a few times, and its really basic, nothing on it at all.

If there is any info you need to help, then ask I shall do my best to supply.

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Some hardware testing may not go astray then

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Power Saving

As you need this unit going most of the time download the Ultimate Boot CD from here

Burn off a copy and when you have the free time boot off the CD and run some Diagnostic Tests including RAM, CPU, M'Board and the like you have plenty to chose from here.


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by Shaun.G In reply to Cannot Log Onto Win2k Ser ...

The issue is inherent in Win2k. To resolve the issue, install the SP4.1 roll out located here:

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