Cannot map network drive

By chrisgoode ·
Ok, so one of my clients has the most convoluted and frustrating networks known to man. In short here is the network layout.

2 networks on the same .255.0 subnet.
IP's in the 192.168.0.x-198.168.1.x range are DHCP.
IP's in the 192.168.2.x range are on a domain for private use and static.
DHCP range picks up again at 192.168.3.x-192.168.10.x.

Here's my problem. They are running a proprietary software that relies on a mapped drive for database access. 5 computers in the back of the building are not able to map a network drive to this server, we will call it ConCent. There are 5 total servers, and all the other servers are visible and able to connect to from back of house except ConCent. They are running SEP 11.0, I have disabled this on ConCent. The only things that the 5 computers have in common is they are all connected to the same switch. I'd like to add that ConCent is able to be connected to by the other 40 computers in the facility. No changes have been made to the workstations.

The switch that these 5 computers are connected to has been reconfigured by another company to expand the capability of the "public" IP ranges.

My problem other than mapped drives is that I dont have access to change any settings on the switches of computers outside of the 2.x IP range. They are managed by another company and will not allow me access.

I wanted to see what ideas anyone else might have before I go to the other company with these problems. They are very easily offended and I would like to avoid any unnecessary confrontation.

ConCent is a Server 2000 SP4.
All other servers are 2003 Ent.
All Workstations are XPP SP2.

Any help is gteatly appreciated!

Are you now as confused as I am?

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by chrisgoode In reply to Cannot map network drive

After replacing the switch, we were able to restore connectivity to the server.

My final remaining question is what could have been blocking access to this server in the first place? I know it was a configuration setting somewhere in the switch but not sure where. I'm still just getting my feet wet when it comes to advanced networking.

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With out seeing the config

by cmiller5400 In reply to UPDATE

With out seeing the config, we are helpless to explain what went wrong. Sorry.

Sounds like it is an interesting configuration waiting for a time to **** up.

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