Cannot open COM38

By lianamurphy ·

I recently starting using My Phone Explorer to use with my SE K850i and was well but these days, it has started to tell me that it cannot open COM38 and the only way out of it is to re-start the laptop.

I went into Device Manager and it said that the device was working properly but noticed a setting in Advanced which I changed to Low instead of High - the Receive and Transmit Buffer because it says that doing this can help with connection problems and I thought I had solved the issue - but alas no - it is still doing it.

Anyone have any ideas?



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I assume My Phone Explorer is SonyEricsson software ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Cannot open COM38

Thus 'COM38' will be specific to that software package.

I am unfamiliar with either of these specifics but the general rule of thumb is - when an application begins to misbehave, re-install it over the top of whatever is already there. If the re-install is refused, then uninstall the existing installation, then install again from scratch.

Since your problem is restricted to this one bespoke package, that is where it will remain until cured.

As for what you did in Device Manager, since I'm not familiar with your software, I can't comment.

Re-install the software, perhaps even downloading again may ellicit an updated version of the Explorer package.

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Thank You

by lianamurphy In reply to I assume My Phone Explore ...

Hi again, thanks for the advice, I did try that but to no avail - still, logging off Vista Home Basic then logging back in cured the problem until the next time.

I should have mentioned that it is a COM port using Bluetooth, I was just hoping that someone would know how to 'refresh' the port without the need to log off or re-start.

Thanks again

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Is this it?

by seanferd In reply to Thank You
MyPhoneExplorer 1.7.1 released 2008-11-19
fixed many bugs

If this is it, and you don't have the latest version, try installing that.

See also:

Possibly start a new thread in that forum and ask your question if none of the above helps. After your COM error occurs, copy the MPE logfile and paste it in with your question.

Hope something here helps.

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