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Cannot open web link!

By benhurrr ·

One client of mine is unable to open a web link directly from emails received in outlook 2000. Any idea how to fix this issue ?


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by Gh0ztALArM In reply to Cannot open web link!

Tell you the truth, I would stick with whats goen on, i would just copy and paste the link, but lets see if i can help anyways.
is this what you ment? ***Turn text into a hyperlink in an HTML message
With the HTML message open, type into the body of the message the descriptive text that you want your reader to click on.
Select the text, and then on the Insert menu, click Hyperlink.
In the Type list, click the appropriate protocol for the URL you are linking to. (The protocol is the part of the address that goes before the colon and that specifies the access scheme, such as http in the address
In the URL box, type the URL.
The hyperlink is not live until you send the message. When the recipient opens the message and moves the insertion point over the link, it changes to a pointing finger so that they can click and go to the destination. For the hyperlink to work, though, the recipient must have an Internet browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, that supports the protocol used in the hyperlink.

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by benhurrr In reply to

I ment user could not open a Hyperlink within an oulook received message, neither he can open some IE6 hyperlinks.

Thanks for your help.

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by benhurrr In reply to Cannot open web link!

Thanks for your answer,

I finally found the answer i had to reregister one of the dlls(urlmon.dll). Now the user can open any hyperlink included in the received emails.

Best regard

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