cannot open!! today

By The-Eagle ·
Today I couldn't open (I tried all the day)?!
I deleted temp files for the IE browser and in my windows system but it is no use.
I'm using windows XP professional.I have Norton Internet Security but it didn't detect any thing.
Any suggest would be realy helpfull...

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Steps to fix it

by pcs365_1 In reply to cannot open!! ...

Hi The-Eagle,

This issue may occur due to some 'add ons' which are running in background. The below steps should fix it for you.

1. Close all applications
2. Close / disable startup applications (such as skype, messenger, or any background application)
3. Start/Settings/Control Panel/Internet Options/Delete Browsing History/Delete All (in passwords)
4. Also delete files and settings stored by add-ons (check) and click ok
5. Close all windows, and files (just in case). Nothing should be in open mode
6. Go to Start/run
7. Type in the open: %temp%
8. Press enter
9. Start deleting the temp files
10. You might not be able to delete some of the files, because they might be in use. Leave them alone.
11. If you get an error 'Error Deleting file or folder' Click OK and continue deleting some of the files by type
12. When you are done. Reboot the computer

Now try to open Yahoo Website.

Do post back the results if it worked or not,


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Problem solved

by The-Eagle In reply to Steps to fix it

I tried your steps except the %temp%.
It looks dangerous for me becuse I have many folder and files containing the name temp.Instead I used CCleaner.Yesterday I used every thing and the problem was still exist.Today It works and I can browse the internet quickly.I'm not sure if I made a Restart after deleting alot of things using CCleaner or not.But I'm sure I tried alot of things and making Restart more than one time and the problem was still exist.

However it works great now.Thank you for your quick reply and I recommend to every one who face such problems to use CCleaner.

About What cause the problem:I was copying very big folders from an external hard disk(USB) to another one and both connected to may labtop.I wounder if the is a better way to perform that?

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I would try something simple first.

by Ron K. In reply to cannot open!! ...

Download and install another browser, either Firefox, Opera or Chrome. If any of them work it's possible that your IE settings are messed up. It's also possible that Yahoo is being blocked due to your location. Aren't they pretty strict about Internet access there? <br>
Try this tool:

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Thank you..Already Fixed

by The-Eagle In reply to I would try something sim ...

Thank you for your reply.My problem is solved and you can read my post above to know about the details.

About other browsers :No I already have multiple browsers installed and no one of them could open the

About being Blocked:If it was blocked I expect a blocking page "This Site Has Been Blocked" well appear as they usually do but the usual "Page not found" was the one appearing in my case.

But yes they are sometimes pretty strict more than what they should be.

As every body know blocking sites sometimes is good and sometimes is bad it depends on what kind of sites they are blocking...

Hope success for you and for every member in this great website.

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