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Cannot print on HP laserJet 5

By t_g_nygard ·
When using selftest , the printer works fine. However I cannot ping the Printer. Until now it has worked fine. No configuration changes has been performed. It is a static IP adress, I checked the network configuration and everything seems to be correct. I can find the printer in active directory. The printer is connected to a switch that is known to have some connection problems. However. There is also another printer on the same switch that works fine when trying to print to it. I changed the ports for the laserjet printer, but still not able to print to it. I changed cables, still the same problem. I tried to print from another computer but the same problem there. The one thing that is different now is that I get a message that the Toner status [low]. But I cannot see any reason for a connection between those problems even though they appeared at the same time.

I`d appreciate if someone could help me weith this problem

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by house In reply to Cannot print on HP laserJ ...

HP printers usually require proprietary ports. This is not the issue though. It is very possible that the network printer will not respond via a ping request. Do you receive the "toner low" message on the pc, or on the lcd of the printer?

If active directory recognizes the device, then there is no connection problem. It is possible that the printer is too smart, and will disable printing services by firewalling a communication layer when it is low.

If you try to print, does there appear to be anything in queue on the HP itself? You should be able to force it with a "go" button.

Have you tried hooking it up to parallel/centronics just to see if it will respond to a local print job when the toner is low?

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by BFilmFan In reply to Cannot print on HP laserJ ...

If you use the command TRACERT, where does the connection show to be dropping?

That will either identify the jetport card, cable or switch as the culprit.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Cannot print on HP laserJ ...

if you tried with known good cable and known good port on switch thenm, i also vote for bad nic in printer. or settings have corrupted but i have not seen that... can you do hard reset on printer. try powering up with power button pressed. if you have fancy tray configurations etc you will lose them so maybe browse thru all menus to get a feel first. hp will help you tshoot it if you think it is nic. new one cost more than decent print server maybe. can you ask mgmt for print server for a test. if it fixes it money well spent if it doesn't fix it you have handy print server for future tshooting and emergency repairs...

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by G.Brown In reply to Cannot print on HP laserJ ...

Can you test the printer using a paralell cable instead of the network?

If it works OK it could be an incorrect setting/fault on the network adapter/jet direct card.

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by t_g_nygard In reply to Cannot print on HP laserJ ...

I receive the "Low toner" in the LCD display. As "House" said, I also thougt that there may be a microscopic chance that the printer is that "smart". But I rule out that possibility temporarily. The document appears in the queue on the pc, but not on the HP, but fails (ofcourse) after a while. So pushing the go button wont help. I know from earlier when I had contact with the HP that it worked(I used a wrong driver and had to push go to get the print from the queue on the HP, until I understood I had the wrong driver installed). Actually I dont think that there is a paralell port on that printer. But If there is I`ll try to connect it that way just to see if I get to print then.
I have not tried the "Tracert" command yet, but there are about 10 other printers in the acive directory that works fine and I have no problem printing to them. Somehow, and dont ask me wya, but I doubt that the NIC has gone bad (but I cannot rule out that possibility yet.) .I will not have the possibility to try out suggestions that has been given to me so far untill monday.
But pleas come with suggestions and theories you might have.

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