Cannot print with pc's joined to the domain

By whortene ·
So heres the scenario - we have 5 pc's. 4 joined to the domain running windows xp pro and 1 standalone pc running windows xp home edition that connects to a share on the server. The printer is an older Muratec 2530i and does not have drivers for sbs2003 or any server OS for that matter. Up untill a few days ago, all pc's were able to print to the printer and now only the standalone pc can. The odd part about this is all pc's can ping the printer and return no dropped packets. When you hit print, it says unable to communicate with the printer due to a network error. You cannot even open the properties page of the printer. I attempted to create a DNS record on the server pointing directly to the printer and on the pc's edited the host file to point to the printer. Even if you try to reinstall the printer, we still get the error. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, this pc runs rras - exchange -IIS - sharepoint - dhcp - WINS

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So you are using tcp/ip printing

by Kenone In reply to Cannot print with pc's jo ...

from each workstation? When you re-install the driver what kind of port are you setting? Does the driver install "see" the printer during install? How is this printer connected to your network?

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Got it fixed!!!!

by whortene In reply to So you are using tcp/ip p ...

It is using tcp/ip and when the drivers would reinstall, it still didn't help. I created an exception for the printer and software in Windows firewall a few days ago and it still didn't help. For some reason, I decided last night to just to disable Windows firewall and it started printing. Somewhere a port started getting blocked - now to figure out what port numbers this thing uses so I can re-enable Windows firewall. Thanks...

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