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cannot program!

By geekboy ·
do i have a future in the IT consulting profession?
i am a BS (Comp Sc), and an MBA (Sys, Mktg)...i never was able to code, i tried again after joining a big IT consulting firm 7 months back, but it doesn't work. besides, i don't want to program after an MBA, do i?

i have excellent communication skills, a passion for IT, and can understand tech concepts real well.

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Try Modelling

by teburlew In reply to cannot program!

With the background you express to have, try to concentrate on business modelling. This side of our business requires strong communication, logic, math, business, and marketing skills. Having an advanced degree should not make a difference as to being a coder or not being a coder. You as an individual either have the skill to code or you don't. Since you referenced Computer Sci, Systems, and Marketing within your skill set, you might make a good project manager.

Basically, analyze your assets and liabilities, and then see where your IT skills lead you.

Good Luck.

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It really depends on your goals

by JerryM MCSE+I / A+ In reply to cannot program!

It sounds like you have a great start on your education and are just starting out in the industry. There are alot of different aspects (jobs) in the IT industry. You should try to determine what aspects of the industry you enjoy the most and let that be a guide as to what direction you should go. You will find that while the BS degree is helpful it isn't the only education you will need to be successful. Programming skills are helpful and bring high salary's. Pre-sales technical support positions also tend to be higher paying because they are usually seen as management positions. I would say that you have an excellant future in the industry but need to set some goals. Understand that continuing education is a part of the industry and you won't go wrong.
good luck, Jerry Moore, MCSE+I/A+

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excuse me?

by jari In reply to cannot program!

I must apolisize my English, I do not recognize terms BS nor MBA (i'm from Finland).
I think I am just an opposite of you. I have lived all my life in IT, but only official education I have is that I am a postman.
I nowadays study at university, all that has beed shown us by the teacher (teached, thought, what was it?) is far too easy and boring. Sure all of us can code, but for example I am already over 30 years old, and still I have no good vision. If you have a vision(s), you don't need coding. Coding is simple and mechanically.
Internet and IT is full of (free also) services to improve your visions visibility without using coding.
For example: a homepage.
Yahoo's GeoCities, etc. all they offer you to make a homepage whatsokind, having even the slightless idea of HTML.
Take that.

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Sales or Management

by Al Macintyre In reply to cannot program!

There's an old saying about people who cannot do the work become Teachers.

Your qualifications sound like you might be good for Sales or Management. Problem is that to do a good job in either you do need to comprehend the stuff being sold or managed.

Even though you unsuccessful in doing your own programming, are you able to look at the source code of a program written by someone else & tell ..

What language is this written in?
Does the programmer appear to know what he or she is doing?
Is the software internally well documented according to the standards of that language?
Can you see any ways that perhaps the program could be enhanced?

If you cannot answer the above questions then you cannot do a good job of managing the people who write those programs or selling them to potential end users.

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