Cannot Re-install XP

By redkarma ·
The other day I was using my spare HP Compaq nx6310 laptop which still uses XP Pro. The whole system froze when it was installing updates and then I had to turn it off and back on but then XP just froze on the loading screen I cannot get into safe mode or any other mode it just freezes. I tried using repair using the XP disc but after it finished copying setup files and rebooted to finish installation it now has the blue screen error of 0x0000007E (0xc0000005, 0x8059dedc, 0xf8899774, 0xf8899470) and constantly resets. I tried recovery console but this just freezes, cannot get into any mode. Re-tried fresh set up but always freezes when checking for previous versions of Windows.Is there any way to get XP back on the laptop?

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Assuming that this problem started before you attempted to

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Cannot Re-install XP

Repair the XP Install I would suggest that you start off testing the Hardware.

I recommend the Ultimate Boot CD as a general test tool but you need to make sure that you grab the free Download from their Web Site not the Add.

You may need to alter the Boot Order in BIOS to boot off the Optical Drive but test the RAM and CPU at the very least. It would also be a very good idea to test the HDD with it's Makers Testing Utility which should also be on the Ultimate Boot CD.

Then repair as necessary but you just may find that it's a Timing Issue with any Additional RAM that has been installed and you may need to remove it till after you install Windows if it is not showing up as Faulty.

Quite often when you add additional RAM it is a slightly different Speed which only causes problems when you are installing Windows. Of course if it's failed or failing it needs replacing but if it tests OK just reduce the NB to 1 RAM Module load Windows and then when everything is finished replace the second Module.


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how to get rid of this error

by technocrat25 In reply to Cannot Re-install XP

The numbers/digits you posted are part of a memory dump.
Usually this dump is caused by a driver error or a memory failure. Run MemTest86 if you can get it going in Safe mode.
Other likely issue is a failed video graphics card, cpu fan, or a failure on your hard drive.
One of ther first things I would try is booting to the hard drives one at a time... Then begin ruling out things by removing or disconnecting all that you can.
Ideally, you should disconnect everything but the cpu fan, power supply, one memory module
, and video card... then boot to a floppy drive (if you have one). Get as simple as possible, until it boots, then add one component at a time, rebooting after each additional thing.
For memory, remove one module, then replace modules to see if you have a change in booting.

In my experience, a failed start up after a machine that worked well the night before, is caused either by memory or a hard drive.

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Step up to the Plagiarism Podium - 'technocrat25' ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to how to get rid of this er ...

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