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    Cannot read drives unless I reboot


    by choffert ·

    All of my removable drives cannot read any media after media is swapped. To read a CD, I must insert the CD and reboot the machine, otherwise it cannot be read. The same holds true for Card media and other removable media. This is a relatively new behavior not following any upgrades, patches, or other software install I’m aware of. I do use Zone Alarm in addition to sitting behind a router.

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      Reply To: Cannot read drives unless I reboot

      by 3xp3rt ·

      In reply to Cannot read drives unless I reboot

      It same is a windows problem. Is not possible a hardware problem for all the removable drives in the same time. The solution is reinstalling the windows. (if you are sure virus free)

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      Reply To: Cannot read drives unless I reboot

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Cannot read drives unless I reboot

      When you run the AV scan do it in Safe Mode as you are more likely to pick up any problems and be able to remove them. I agree it very much sounds like a Windows problem and could be either a Virus or some spy ware the MS Anti Spy Ware tool in Beta form actually looks quite good even if it is shown up with Ad aware and Spy Bot S&D as a possible infection run all three again in Safe Mode

      Spy Bot is available for download from

      Ad Aware is available from

      And the MS Beta program is available from

      If they all show that the unit is clean you’ll have to reinstall Windows again because something is very wrong there but first try all of the above and your AV product before you take that big step and reload.

      Also if you do reload remember to wipe the HDD with a utility that writes 0 to every sector so that nothing on the drive can possible reappear after you reload after all you don’t want a corrupt reload after you have gone to all that trouble do you?


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      Reply To: Cannot read drives unless I reboot

      by tripster_web_design ·

      In reply to Cannot read drives unless I reboot

      It sounds like you may be seeing an issue that is very common with “Burning Software” that uses Virtual Drive technology.

      For example, CloneCD by Elby will install a Virtual Drive area into your system when it is installed and it may not show a problem until some other software is either installed or uninstalled or becomes corrupt. These Virtual Image Areas attempt to Lock Drives and sometimes do not know when to release them or some thing occurs that does not allow them to release or unlock the drive as it supposed to.

      That answer is not as broad as it may sound so don’t think me to be just blowing smoke. I have found this issue more common to what I describe than to any other cause.

      If you are running XP or an Operating System that can read all Drives in Safe Mode, you can then boot into Safe Mode and attempt to read your drives “normally”, if they do not Lock, Freeze, of Disappear, then you are most likely looking at a Virtual Drive Image issue or another Software issue rather than a Hardware issue.

      As I always do in post like this, I end it with saying that my answer is simply a direction to look toward and may not be correct.

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      Reply To: Cannot read drives unless I reboot

      by maggot ·

      In reply to Cannot read drives unless I reboot

      Yes it does sound like possibly some security software drivers afoot. Go to Device Manager > View > click Show Hidden Devices > Non Plug and Play drivers look for Starforce entries. If they are there possibly this is the cause of your problems.

      Google Starfore removal. Here is the link:

      This partricular security software seems to cause quite a bit of trouble that they released a removal tool. If the drivers are removed they will be re-installed when the program they belong to is launched. Sometime these aren’t removed when the rest of the program is un-installed.

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