Cannot reboot/restart computer

By flemm88 ·
I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem and or knows an answer. Out of the blue (like everyother computer problem) my computer will no longer restart when commanded through XP or via my front panel restart button. What I mean by reboot is that it powers down then up but instead of seeing something on my monitors it just sits there and I hear it running with nothing on my screen. Also, if I actually shut down my computer I have to wait over 5 mins to restart it or the same above problem (blank screens) occures. Any ideas as to why? The system was reloaded with XP Pro a few months back and may have existed after reload, I don't recall.

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Me too

by JohnGreer In reply to Cannot reboot/restart com ...
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I've got the same problem

by cibarama In reply to Cannot reboot/restart com ...

Did you solve your problem?????? If you did, I woul appreciate if you let me have the solution

Thanks and regards

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External USB devices???

by 1bn0 In reply to Cannot reboot/restart com ...

I followed John Greers link. His symptoms sound like a setup we have here.

Boot windows get XP logo on screen, very faint, and just hangs. Computer would actually reboot "Every Other Boot". Had to power down between boots.

The problem was the power requirements of an External touch Whiteboard and , according to the manufacturer, a compatabiltiy issue with certain USB chipsets.

Ended up ataching Powered USB extension cord. Problem was solved.

I get a similar behaviour on my home desktop. I have to power off my Deagate 32ogb external HDD to boot up. I havedisabled the USB boot option in the BIOS and everything else I can find or think of. Still have to power of the USB drives before I can boot.

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More info needed...

1). Power supply. What wattage?.
2). Processor. Intel or AMD?.
3). UPS. (Universal power supply). Do you have one?.
4). Memory. How much do you have on board?.
5). What have you loaded in the few days up to this, and how long has this been going on for?.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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