Cannot renew ip address no ping

By Catalyst1 ·
Windows XP pro
Dell Demension XPS

unable to establish internet connection
NIC is working, drivers are ok, ip config confirms DHCP and Auto config enabled but no succesful ping anywhere.
What now?

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couple things

by shasca In reply to Cannot renew ip address n ...

Different cable. Change port. Plug in a different device to check connectivity. You don't giva alot of info on the type network you are connecting to.

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I agree...

by tmalo627 In reply to couple things

There is not enough info to go on. It's possible your firewall is blocking activity. There may be a MAC filter allowing only specified NIC's. Is this a new computer or NIC? Has it worked in the past and recently failed, or has it never worked? Also, the IPCONFIG command will show you the settings on your computer. It is possible that your DHCP server is not working correctly or is out of available IP addresses. If your IP address starts off and your subnet mask is, then the breakdown lies somewhere between your PC and the DHCP server. This is called Automatic Private IP Addressing or APIPA. <a href="" target="_blank">Click here</a> to find out more about APIPA.

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no ping= no connectivity

by CG IT In reply to Cannot renew ip address n ...

what is your ipconfig/all say for local network adapter address?

Does it say 169.X.X.X ?

If so, then your not getting an address from DHCP.

things to check, cable, drivers [make sure proper drivers are loaded or even reinstall them], NIC [look in device manager red X = no working],

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no ping= no connectivity

by Catalyst1 In reply to no ping= no connectivity ...

Virus contaminated the OS - Required a fresh install Thanks!

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