Cannot send emails to anyone outside my email service.

By trflugum ·
I have several computers. Four in fact. Three are laptops and one is a desktop. Two of the laptops use Vista and the other is XP. The sole desktop is XP. I have set-up a home wireless network, sharing a single printer. Up to a few days ago everything worked quite well, a few glitches here and there,but in all pretty darn good. My wife has a small Dell laptop that works fine at home, she can send and receive emails as usual. She travels alot and has never experienced any problem before last week. Her laptop is unable to send emails to anyone except those addresses within the same internet provider (Time-Warner, Roadrunner). I have searched thru her Outlook Express settings several times,checked firewall settings,cleaned out junk files and even cleaned out and defragged her registery. As well as virus and malware,adware scans (with Kaspersy Internet Security). Everything works great at home until she goes out of town or to a friends house and tries to send out email, it fails to work. I'm stumped. Can someone lead me in the right direction for a fix? Thank you.

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Little more info?

by Jessie In reply to Cannot send emails to any ...

Exactly what happens when she tries to send out those emails? Any error messages, returned mail delivery notifications?

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Cannot send emails to anyone outside my email service.

by trflugum In reply to Little more info?

The error or window that is displayed reads:
"The Host POP-server '' could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly. Account
Server Protocol POP3 port 110 secure (ssl) no socket error 11004
Error# 0x800ccc0d"
Apparently now my wife's laptop is only RECEIVING emails from everyone and cannot send ANY emails out. She cannot send emails even within Roadrunner. Any suggestions?

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This is a link to Road Runner Medic

by Jacky Howe In reply to Try this it may help

Just click on the 3 buttons until you get to the download screen. You want to download Road Runner Medic 6 for Windows.

Road Runner Medic is a diagnostic, help and repair utility that allows you to troubleshoot and reestablish your connection, if you are having issues. This utility also includes online and offline links to Online Help content, links to Live Chat Support, E-mail and Network Status as well as a messaging component where you can read important support messages sent to you.

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