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    cannot send mail outside the organization


    by david.dumais ·

    I have an existing Exchange 5.5 system and I’ve added a new user running Windows XP and Office 2003. The user cannot send any mail outside of the organization but can receive external mail. I’ve turned off the firewall and checked to make sure there are no restrictions. Is there a compatibility issue with XP and Exchange 5.5?

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      No compatibility issue

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to cannot send mail outside the organization

      I’m afraid you’ll have to look at another possible cause. I’ve been successfully upgrading W95 / O97 users to WXP / O2003 for over a year without having to make any changes on the Exchange side.

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        recreate the email profile.

        by jonny memonic ·

        In reply to No compatibility issue

        If this is the only machine being affected.
        You could try to delete and reinstall the email profile. That might help.

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          member of a “group” ??

          by cbalness ·

          In reply to recreate the email profile.

          At a past employer, users were members of “groups” that had to do with job functions etc…

          and there was trickle down… eg if user was in Finance he was in Finance Group which was nestled in Human Resourses, and all users had to be in an “all” group to email the outside world.

          Good luck.

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      Any errors?

      by jonny memonic ·

      In reply to cannot send mail outside the organization

      Do you get rejection messages?
      Any errors?

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