"Cannot start Microsoft Outlook" error message- Article I 822503

By lmeyer1 ·
I am running WIN XP Home and I am using MS Office Outlook 2003 and get the above error message.I have spent a lot of time trying to implemement the solution in Article 822503, and have also read the workarounds posted by rdubrey on 10/15/2006 @ 08:05 PM (PDT)and by vamsichrisraj@... on 09/12/2007 @ 08:10 AM (PDT). I have also installed the recently released Outlook 2003 Service Pack 3, with Custom Installation Wizard.

Nothing works. This is not just an email issue; I can't access my calendar or anything in Outlook 2003.

Can somebody talk me through this in plain language, or should I just totally uninstall Office 2003 and reinstall, trying to save my contacts/address book? Thanks for any help. Larry K, Florida

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