Cannot start Outlook '03 without admin rights.

By technical ·
My company just upgraded from SBS 2000, to Server 2003, and we have an issue with getting Outlook '03 to run on the user end, without admin rights.
1. Have installed Office 2003 as administrator on the local machine.
2. Have logged in as a domain administrator (user x)and performed the initial setup of mail accounts etc as this temporary priviledged user, then logged off from Windows.
3. Have removed this user (user x) from the domain admin list and then logged back in to Windows and try and start Outlook 2003 and receive the "Access is denied" error message.
No error number or further information is presented in the dialogue box (apart from the OK button).
Have tried the same thing by adding and removing admin rights for the user on the local machine instead of the server.
Same result.

The only thing that seems to fix it is giving the user(s) admin rights on the domain or the local machine, neither of which is a viable option for us considering the risk of having 200 admins in our network.
And everything else seems to function well.

Maybe some sort of security rights or permissions issue however I'm lost as to where to start.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Cannot start Outlook '03 without admin rights

by dgowran In reply to Cannot start Outlook '03 ...

Did You Ever Resolve this i am having this issue with a new domain was thinking was something to do with old group policy enforced

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Resolved by rebuilding the accounts

by scholten In reply to Cannot start Outlook '03 ...

I was unable to locate anything useful, and in the end the painful brute force approach of deleting all the user accounts and readding them worked. My problem was created when a newbie decided to install and the uninstall active directory. When the unistall was completed all the users had been removed, and we originally readded all the users, and linked them to their old profiles. We tried resetting all kinds of permissions but could not get things to function correctly under user rights.

Finally, we deleted all the old profiles, and rebuilt the accounts restoring only the specific user data that was required. Giant pain, but things are finally back to normal.

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Cannot start Outlook '03 without admin rights

by dgowran In reply to Resolved by rebuilding th ...

Cheers i will let you know how i get on

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Cannot start Outlook '03 without admin rights

by dgowran In reply to Cannot start Outlook '03 ...

Didn't need to recreate users just renamed their folders copied back their documants and desktop and sorted profile was from origanal domain

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Yes, confirmed. Rebuild accounts...

by technical In reply to Cannot start Outlook '03 ...

Thanks for the replies.
In the end, we did have to rebuild the user accounts.
Took a little longer because the majority of our users have roaming profiles.
Created a temp copy of all existing profiles, deleted the contents of user profile folder, logged in as each user one by one, and then copied their profile data back to their profile folder... My Docs, Start Menu, Desktop, etc.
Did not have to delete the users from Exchange, or the original profile folders, just the contents.
And in doing all this 200 times (lol) I think it is narrowed down to something in the previous ntuser.dat files, or the NetHood folder that is causing this problem.
These user files/folders are rebuilt upon login.
There might be a complicated scripting edit for the ntuser files to fix it but who knows.
The long way wasn't so bad.
Thanks again.

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