Cannot Uninstall IE 9

By cccgsmith ·
Although I like IE 9 Beta, I need to uninstall it as it does not work with VMWare Virtual Desktop. However, I cannot find it in the list of programs nor installed updates. I tried installing IE 8 on top of it, but get the message that a new version of browser is already installed. And I tried deleting the Internet Explorer folder in the Programs folder but get the message that only TrustedInstaller can delete. I have administrative right on the PC involved. What do I do now?


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It is listed in the

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Cannot Uninstall IE 9

Windows Components in the Add Remove Section under Add Remove Windows Components.


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Thanks for the Responses

by cccgsmith In reply to Cannot Uninstall IE 9

Thanks for the responses. I finally found it. What misled me is that my CMOS battery in my laptop is bad, so the time and date stamp for downloads is not accurate. It was buried in the updates.

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Get that replaced!

by seanferd In reply to Thanks for the Responses

It could potentially really, really screw up your OS.

They are dirt cheap, and easy to access on all laptops I've seen.

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