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    Cannot validate your password


    by i_sureshbabu ·

    we are running windows 2003 server with 98/Me/XP clients on the network. Recently i updated latest updates. From that day I cannot log on to the server with 98/ Me clients.
    I am getting error message as follows
    “Cannot validate your password”
    What i did is
    1. I installed DS client on windows 98/Me boxes- same thing
    2. I release Ip and renew ip. same thing. But i assigned static IP.- Same thing
    3. Deleted adapter and reinstalled. – Same thing
    4. I added server address in host and lmhost files -same thing
    Please help me out what i need to do?

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      Reply To: Cannot validate your password

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Cannot validate your password

      For Windows 2003 to recognise 98 & ME it has to be running in Mixed Mode I would suggest that when you applied the latest update/patch this has been altered and the server is now running in native mode.

      If that is the case and you can not remove the patches you’ll most likely need to run the Network Setup Wizard again and make a copy onto a floppy to use on the 98 & ME machines. I know it’s a pain but that would most likely be the best alternative and start off with the server and then go to all the machines connected to it after first running the Network Setup Wizard on the Server and creating the floppy from that unit.


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      Reply To: Cannot validate your password

      by wes ·

      In reply to Cannot validate your password

      Also, check your password lengths.

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