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    Cannot view web pages


    by firstclasspc ·

    I’m running a computer with win98SE, IE 6. The problem I having is that I cannot view web pages. The modem is connected, I check the bytes receive and send also the speed but server cannot found always pop up. I have installed different modems and use different ISP accounts same problem.

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      by lumberjack ·

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      have you completely renewed all the IP details when changing ISP? Sounds a bit like a DNS problem

      Can you ping any of the servers? – ie go to command prompt and type in ping for example and see if you get a time taken or no response. If no response contact your ISP and get them to go through all the IP settings with you.

      If you are getting a time response then the problem may lie with IE.
      In IE go Tools – Internet Options – Privacy
      and reduce setting to try (if no change put back as was)
      also check Tools – Internet Options – Connections
      and remove any additional connections there – just keep the one you are using

      If you are using a firewall – check you have not disabled IE application from accessing the internet.

      a few things to check – good luck!

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      this can be a few things. wrong/missing dns settings most likely. i would try to ping the dns server…did it used to work? did you have zonealarm installed and uninstall it? reinstall it. do you have broadband? a router? do you have aol? look server not found up on as we don’t have enuf info about your particular situation. you may recognise your problem there in the knowledge base…

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      by firstclasspc ·

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