Cannt open PDF attachment in email from external sender

By credise08 ·
Hi there,

I am facing a strange problem with email attachements in my company. We have 2 offices, one in Dubai and in UK. Dubai office uses '' and UK uses ''. Here is the problem that i faced

When a customer sent an email with a PDF file attachement to '' and a CC to '', the dubai user cannt open that attachement, but the UK user can open the attachement !.

When the dubai user trying to preview the attachement the following error occured

"This file cannt be previewed because of an error with the following Previewer
Adobe PDF Preview Handler
To Open this file in its own program, double-click it"

When Double-clicking, following error comes in adobe reader.

"Adobe Reader could not open 'xxxx.pdf' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as email Attachement and was not correctly decoded) "

Cannt open attachment both with OWA and Outlook 2007

After this problem faced i requested the uk user to forward the same email to the dubai user. and this time, Dubai user can open that PDF file without having any problem !.

Both UK and Dubai office uses the following configurations

1. Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
2. Microsoft Outlook 2007

The second problem which i am facing is

when a user in dubai office, letus say '' sent an email with five PDF file attachement to an External email address, the recipient recieved only one PDF File instead of 5. all other 4 files lost. then i told the user to sent the same email to me '', i received that email with all 5 attachements!

Please help me to troubleshoot these two problems.. thanking you for rewieving

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Couple of guesses

by robo_dev In reply to Cannt open PDF attachment ...

Either the database on the Exchange Server is partially corrupted or the PDF file was created with a different version than the version of Adobe you have installed on your computer.

To determine which problem it is, create a pdf file on your computer, then email it to yourself. Make sure you close Adobe afterwards. Then try to open the pdf file you just sent your self.

If the file opens right away, then the problem is a version conflict. If not, then you need to look more closely at the database.

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Shaky connection?

by TobiF In reply to Cannt open PDF attachment ...

Just an idea, have you checked that your internet connection in Dubai doesn't lose packets and/or synch?
can you send and receive big files over ftp, for instance?

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there is no problem with internet

by credise08 In reply to Shaky connection?

Hi TobiF,
thanks for your reply. i checked the internet connection. there is no problem with internet. i can transfer big files over ftp without any problems. and moreover the same problem with PDF attachments happened again with the new email from the same customer. When the same email sent to gmail by that customer, no problem for receiving PDF. when i forward that email from gmail to the company problem !.. Please help me ..thanks

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Did you try resending to Dubai?

by seanferd In reply to there is no problem with ...

Sometimes data just becomes corrupted. Happens all the time.

I ask because you don't mention more than one attempt.

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Yes..Problem came again

by credise08 In reply to Did you try resending to ...

Hi seanferd,
another email with PDF attachment received from the same customer. same problem came again. then the customer sent email to Gmail and to UK. Then the forwarded copy from Gmail and UK can read PDF attachment.. The attachment Sizes only 85Kb..

***ahhh..i noticed a size difference for PDF attachment..
Direct Sent Email : Attachment Size 113KB (Cannt Open)
Forwarded Email from UK & Gmail : 83KB only (no problem for reading)

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Server-attached malware scanner

by TobiF In reply to there is no problem with ...

My next guess is that you have a malware scanner that is checking mails and their attachments at the server.

Either the buffer size of this scanner is not enough to hold a full mail with enormous attachments, and cuts the message after a couple of megabytes, thus throwing away whatever didn't make it into the message. So you'd typically get the first attachment(s) in full, then one will be delivered only partially and the rest discarded.

Or possibly, some kind of timeout occurs, but I believe more in the first scenario.

Try making that buffer bigger, or temporarily disable the AV scanner, just to establish that this is the culprit.

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the attachment sizes only 83KB

by credise08 In reply to Server-attached malware s ...

Our anti virus : Trend Micro.
i noticed a size difference for PDF attachment..
Direct Sent Email : Attachment Size 113KB (Cannt Open)
Forwarded Email from UK & Gmail : 83KB only (no problem for reading)

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Different encoding - and then broken

by TobiF In reply to the attachment sizes only ...

Text and binary information needs to be encapsulated and encoded when they are sent in emails. This will make the file larger.

It looks as if something goes wrong, and your server or client doesn't realize that this was an encoded file, thus leaving the file in a "printable" and transmittable, but to you useless, state.

It could be a problem around how MIME types are declared and construed between the sending and receiving servers.

EditAdd: Try this. Search for "MIME decoder" and try to feed such a service with the 113 kb attachment.

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Not only PDF attachments..Excel, Word also cannt open

by credise08 In reply to Cannt open PDF attachment ...

Hi there,
Today we (Dubai Office) received another email from the same customer and it contains excel attachments..we cannt open that. but for UK office email and the forwarded copy from UK of the same email can read the attachments.

then i asked the customer to resend email..and this time also cannt open attachments

1st & 2nd Direct Send attachment size : 722KB( Cannt Open)
Forwarded attachment size : 534KB (Can Read)

Please help to troubleshoot this problem. i think the following picture describes my problem very well.

customer email id ''

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Where are these E-Mails originating?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Not only PDF attachments. ...

It could be something as simple as a bad connection between the sender and the Dubai receiving Office.

It could be Government Interference with all transmissions from that place/country/whatever.

It could just be a version conflict between the Sender and Receiving stations. What have you done to try to Fault Find this? Even your post above has a size difference in the 2 attachments of 188 KB.

So what am I missing here?


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