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Canon BJC6000 Maintenance

By chsr ·
Would like feed back on thre changing of the "used ink" sponges and the codes to reset the printer after installing the new sponges(called "used ink tank).
Any help would be appreciated or a breakdown of the printer would be helpful. I can't figureout how to get to these sponges and Canon is of no help at all

Larry Hodge

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printer Inks

by been there In reply to Canon BJC6000 Maintenance

Your Cannon has two terminologys that are not clear in their manual. One is Ink Tank and Ink Cartridge. The Ink tank actually holds the ink and is replaceable. The ink cartridge holds the ink tank(s) and has the bubble jet and electrical connectionsthat help make the system work. If you just replace the tank this is the most economical, but after so many replacements, the cartridge needs to be replaced. It wears out. There are sensors that are used to audit the level of ink left in the tank. If you replace or as you say change the sponge, and need to reset the printer, the only thing to do is pop in the tank and make sure the contacts are clean. It will reset automaticaly. If you continue to have problems you may find that the reservoir for hold ing old ink (spent during autocleaning may be full)and then you have to clean it out. I haven't gotten that far myself. I understand that it can be done, but of course Cannon want's you, to spend the money for repairs. It's almost cheaper to buy a new printer than repace the Cartridges. Hope this helps.

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