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    Canon i860 printer powers off


    by nkohn ·

    I have a physician whose canon i860 printer powers off just minutes after she uses it. She has to hit the power button every time she wants to print. I checked all of the printer settings I know of and am at a loss. Any suggestions??

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      by nkohn ·

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      That sounds like a Printer Problem

      by oh smeg ·

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      Most likely something to do with the Power Board.

      Now the bad news these are not worth repairing so it’s easier to just replace the printer. The i860 is now getting a bit old so it will most likely not be worth your while in saved time and wasted effort to cut your losses and replace the unit.

      But on a note of warning the last time that I brought any Printer Parts that where not consumables one part cost substantially more than the cost of a replacement printer. So unless you are willing to work at component level and have the necessary tools to do so it’s not an economic proposition to even consider this type of work.


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