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Canon mpc190 with WinXP sp2

By skatinghero ·
i have a problem with a cusomers computer its a brand new pc with winxp home with Sp2 and having a problem with his printer(Canon mpc190) the pc does not recognise the printer i cant get it to detect? i have eliminated the USB ports beacuse he is using a USB wireless mouse and it works perfect, i have also taken the printer cable out of the the picture put a new one on, he has a laptop with win2000 and the printer works perfect as soon as it connected? i have herd that there may be a problem with sp2 and the mpc190 printer if so is there a patch of some sort? thankyou for your assistance.

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by G... In reply to Canon mpc190 with WinXP s ...

I had the same problem once. The driver was not SP2 ready. You probably just have to update the driver.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Canon mpc190 with WinXP s ...

It might still be the USB ports as some of the New MS Patches have been known to disable USB ports that are not in use when the system starts up or have a valid device connected to the system.

If you have the latest drivers I would suggest that you reboot the unit with the printer turned on and see if that allows you to see the printer if it does you may be able to install the correct driver to get it part way working so you can complete the install of the complete driver set and Software Package.

If that doesn't help it gets nasty from here on in as you have to start removing Patches until you get the USB Ports free and then install the Printer Drivers & Software. Sometimes depending upon the Patch which will always be a Security Patch from MS you may have to do a reinstall of the OS and then proceed to install the printer before applying any patches. As you have already ruled out every thing else it tends to point to the OS being the problem here and there have recently been a lot of Questions asked about USB Devices not being recognised by XP after the last couple or rounds of Patches from MS.


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by ra In reply to Canon mpc190 with WinXP s ...

Canon have fix this by making a update for this.
It got to do with Windows SP2.

Goto canon's web site.

Hope this help.

ps the fix works well.

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by thedivinebovine In reply to Canon mpc190 with WinXP s ...

I had that problem before, after I upgraded to sp2, and I fixed it with the patch. However, I had to replace my harddisk and have to reinstall the drivers and software for the printer. The patch won't work if the installation isn't done, and I can't complete the installation if my computer cannot link up properly with the printer. Can someone help?

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