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Canon StarWriter 70 files

By thomasjwarchol ·
How do I convert Canon StarWriter 70 files to DOS or, better, directly into Windows file format?

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by BFilmFan In reply to Canon StarWriter 70 files

Do you mean the driver files for a Canon StarWriter 70 printer?

Those file should already be in a DOS or Windows Format.

If you need a DOS or Windows driver, you can download them here:

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by kcoultrap In reply to Canon StarWriter 70 files

Good Question:
My neighbor typed his entire poetry collection on his Canon StarWriter. Some of these Word Processors have an MS DOS export utility, some do not.
If there is no way to convert these files with a software based program (haven't seen one yet), then you may need to purchase a newer model Canon word-processor that is capable of the task.($40-$60, used) Make sure you read the manual first(If available).
Canon does not support any of their word processors, so you cannot download a users manual.
The other option is to use an OCR program like Text Bridge Pro, or Omni Page-Pro, and feed the hard-copies into a scanner for image-to-text conversion.
Otherwise, "Happy (Re)Typing !"

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Starwriter conversion

by elmar.gailitis In reply to

the 400 and 500 have a conversion to DOS txt. I may have access to one here in New Zealand - I have a freind witht he same problem except his 500 was failing. Need 720K disketes for the conversion....hard to find...threw them our years ago.

Regards Elmar

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