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Can't Access Bios.

By type8324 ·
Something happened when I installed a new hard drive. My computer boots from CD. It does not access floppy or hard drive. Hard drive has the wrong drive number. I cannot access my bios to change anything. I have tried (F1) (F2) (F10) (Control+Alt+Delete) (Control+Alt+Insert) (Control+S) plus many others. My CD drive spins, quits, and that's it???

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by dmiles In reply to Can't Access Bios.

Boot computer the look in the bottom left corner and it will show the desin=gnated key to enter the bios,it could be the Delete key

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by mjd420nova In reply to Can't Access Bios.

Yes cold boot and hold the DEL key Turn the
monitor on first. enter bios

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by rickrbyrne In reply to Can't Access Bios.

you could also try the "enter Key" this is sometimes used for enter the BIOS

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Can't Access Bios.

Depending on who made the computer the keys used to enter BIOS differ considerably.

As some others have quite rightly said the Delete Key and the F2 keys are the most common ones but really without knowing the make/model of the computer/M'Board it is very hard to help you particularly if it one of the ones that shows a makers Splash Screen and hides the BIOS section from the user.

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by snarkhunter In reply to Can't Access Bios.

HAL 9000 is right - the number of possibilities is enormous. Your best be may be to search the web for the PC or Motherboard model to obtain the motherboard manual answer your question.

You may also need to re-set the mother board if access to the BIOS has been restricted - there'll be a jumper you'll need to set. Again, the motherboard manual will be your best bet here.

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by snarkhunter In reply to

You might like to check here for quite a lot of BIOS entry key combos:

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by TheChas In reply to Can't Access Bios.

I suspect that your new hard drive is either plugged in wrong, or the jumpers are set wrong.

Start by disconnecting the IDE cable from the new hard drive.

Boot up.

You should be able to see the POST screen and be able to press the key to enter BIOS settings.

After the POST is complete, you should get a message along the lines of:

"No Operating System found.
Insert system disk and press enter to continue."

If you do not get the POST or message screen, you have another hardware problem.

If you are now able to get into BIOS settings, make sure that the Primary Master Hard drive is set to Auto-Detect.

Save and exit BIOS setup, and shut down your PC.

Check the jumpers on the hard drive.
If the drive is the only drive on the cable, make sure it is set to Single / Master.

If 2 drives are on the cable, one drive MUST be set to Master with Slave present.
The other drive must be set to Slave.

Plug the drive back in, and see if you boot normally.

If the PC locks up again, change the IDE cable.

If you never got the POST screen, shut off the PC and un-plug the power cord.

Make sure that ALL plug in cards and memory modules are fully seated in their sockets.

Triple check all jumpers and cables.

Still having problems?

Reject my answer and post a comment with the results of the tests.


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by type8324 In reply to

computer doesn't boot. even with hard drive and CD unplugged. The keyboard is non responsive. Have I killed my motherboard?? Can I reinstall bios?? Is there any program that will access my motherboard from CD???

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by willcomp In reply to Can't Access Bios.

Had a lot to add until I got to Chas' dissertation above. Good stuff.

However this is important if you have a Western Digital hard disk.

Western Digital PATA hard disks are jumpered as single drive when no slave is present rather than master.

If you have a single Western Digital drive, set jumper to CS or remove jumper (single drive setting).


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by willcomp In reply to

Try resetting BIOS. You most likely have a BIOS reset jumper on motherboard - check your manual. If no reset or can't find any info on it, remove coin cell battery for about 5 minutes and re-insert. Ensure PC is unplugged while removing and reinstalling battery (or Hal9000 will remind us).

Hopefully, that will do the trick. If not, let us know.

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