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Can't access bios.

By droidhorse ·
ok here we go. I tried to enter safe mode with no luck using f8 at startup so i modified the boot.ini file to safe boot. once in safe mode i was prompted for password which i entered the password i always use,but it was not accepted.so i made a boot disk,which by the way works on my other computer.however the machine with problems would not boot from this cd or the original xp cd.i did some research and came up with the boot was too fast for the cd to be recognized. so in bios i disabled quick boot.and here we are stuck on that screen that says testing memory.is there a solution without wiping the drive or should i shoot myself? please no laughing.

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If you have a BIOS problem

by seanferd In reply to Can't access bios.

wiping the hard drive will do noting for you.

Being stuck (is it, really, or is it being thorough) in a memory check may indicate a memory of other hardware problem.

If you reboot, enter the BIOS, and set it back to quick boot. What you need to do is change the boot order so that the system attempts to boot from CD first. Your BIOS may also have a key you can press to choose which device you wish to boot from.

"entered the password i always use"
If it isn't the administrator password, you chose wrong. If the admin account doesn't have a password, leave it blank.

I'm betting the original reason you were doing this was that the system was infected. Many infections kill safe mode. Sometimes all you need to do is copy the appropriate safeboot registry settings from a working computer (same OS), other times, not.

If this is the case, yes, you may need to wipe (wipe - not just reformat) before repartitioning and reformatting. You can drop the drive into another system as a slave to copy off you personal files before wiping.

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Also if you are unable to enter the BIOS now

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can't access bios.

Depending on the system that it is you may be able to remove the BIOS Battery and clear the BIOS.

To do this it will need to be a Desktop system and you'll have to open the case remove the CMOS/BIOS Battery generally a coin type Battery of the CR 3232 type.

As the battery has a metal case you'll need to turn off the computer and remove the Mains Lead from the case to remove all voltage from the M'Board.

If you do not unplug the computer the modern ATX Power Supplies supply the 5 V DC Rail all of the time and you run the risk of destroying the M'Board when you drop the battery onto it.


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stuck on BIOS

by droidhorse In reply to Also if you are unable to ...

Thanks for replying. I was away not able to access your page yesterday,some google analytics thing. I am on my MAC now.I will try to reset the bios today.The password I tried to use is the one I log-in with everyday.The machine AMD athalon is my fiance's computer.It was given to him after his company wnt under.Before the bios issue the machine would boot up so fast and not give you a boot menu and it would not boot from the cd even after the boot order was changed. This is why I disabled quick boot,hoping it would read the boot disc,but it did not.

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"The password I tried to use is the one I log-in with everyday."

by seanferd In reply to stuck on BIOS

So, how had you accessed the BIOS previously? Did it ask for a password then? If so, use the same one. It is highly unlikely that the BIOS password is the same as your Windows user account password, unless you set it that way.

Edit, just to be very clear:

BIOS isn't Windows. So your BIOS password, if any, will not be the same as any Windows user account password, unless you or whomever purposely set it that way. If one was never set, leave blank.

In Windows (what version?), your user account password is probably not the administrator password, which is what you will need if Safe Mode is asking for a password. Again, if no admin password was ever set, leave blank.

And just in case I haven't said it, Safe Mode is Windows Safe Mode, and again has nothing to do with BIOS.

The key you depress to enter BIOS has nothing to do with keys you use to select Windows boot options, such as safe Mode.

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So... does this go under no password assistance?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to "The password I tried to ...

Just wondering.

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It could.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to So... does this go under ...

Depends on flow...

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If circumvention methods are requested, yes.

by seanferd In reply to So... does this go under ...

How to tell BIOS and Windows apart, no.

Because I still can't tell what the OP cannot access, and what is asking for a password. At least not consistently across posts.

And we can always tell folks where to go for proper password assistance, no problem there. But if the post starts right off with hack/crack/bypass noises, they'll get the TR Community notice and maybe some choice dialogue as well.

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