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Can't access DLL properties from ASP

By sweir ·
I have a Visual C++ DLL that I am trying to install in MTS. I am a seasoned
VB programmer, but know very little about Visuall C++ (somebody else wrote
the DLL). I am compiling the DLL with a Type Library.

We have 4 servers that I tried Installing it on. They all have NT 4.0
Server,IIS 4.0, SQL 7.0 with all the latest service packs. My machine and
the test server have Visual Studio installed (with all the service packs).

I use the menu item 'Build DLL' to build the dll. I then Registered the DLL
and the Type Library in MTS using MTS Explorer. I have a test asp page that simply initializes
the object and displays a default property. On my machine and the test
machine this works fine. On the 2 production servers the object will
initialize without a problem, but when I try to access the default property
I get the following error:

" Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01b6'
Object doesn't support this property or method: 'xobj.ContentType' "

I used depends.exe to double

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Can't access DLL properties from ASP

by mrunion In reply to Can't access DLL properti ...

Have you tried using the Object Browser in VB to see if you can "browse" the methods and properties in the DLL? If you can't, I would suspect a problem with the DLL. If you CAN, make sure you have spelled the names of the library and interface correctly. I know it sounds funny to ask you to check spelling, but in C++ you CAN name the scripting object name differently than the "regular" VB-referenced object name.


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Can't access DLL properties from ASP

by sweir In reply to Can't access DLL properti ...

I actually figured out the problem (only to find another...). The DLL I was had was a slightly altered version of a currently registered DLL. I didn't realise that the CLSID was actually determined in the code. In essence I had 2 DLL/Objects registered, and they both had the same CLSID - and that is the error you get!! Nice and descriptive!!!!!!!

Now I have the 'Server Execution failed' error. And it is a whole new nightmare.


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