Can't access http sites

By chene000 ·
Running Windows XP SP2 and IE 6. For some reason I can not access any http sites and certain https sites. I had a problem with the install of my CA Internet Security suite and uninstalled as instructed and tried to install again and then this issue reared its ugly head during the re-install. Now I can't get to any http sites. FTP and email still work OK. What needs to be done to remedy this issue?

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it sounds to me lik IE is blocked by your security

by DanLM In reply to Can't access http sites

not sure if that is correct, but I would look to see if IE is blocked by your security software. I take it your on another computer right now?


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Security Software is not currently loaded.......

by chene000 In reply to it sounds to me lik IE is ...

I was unable to complete the reinstall of my security software, so I'm currently unprotected on my home machine. And, yes, I am posting this from my work PC.

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It may be installed enough

by w2ktechman In reply to Security Software is not ...

to still cause the problem. You stated that it did not install correctly, so it was uninstalled, then it errored while re-installing. During the re-install, it probably installed some components which are causing the problem.
These components need to be removed or disabled for your system to function properly.
Check the manufacturers website for a removal tool, which will clean out all registry entries and folders/files for the program.
manually remove these folders/files, clean reg., and stop services.

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