Can't access IE website

By morecowbell ·
I have two user profiles. one profile is can reach this website, the other profile can't.
I am not being blocked by firewall, or server.

Do anyone have any ideas????

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Is one account

by Triathlete1981 In reply to Can't access IE website

an administrator account? What website is it? Are you having authentication problems. What kind of error comes up? Maybe you need to download a certificate into the second profile.

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by morecowbell In reply to Is one account

Website is

I don't think this site requires a certificate or authentication...or maybe it does....

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by Triathlete1981 In reply to website

I got to it fine. Nothing special about this site. The only thing I would think is that there is a firewall or some type of setting on your router that blocks you from access to this site. But, you said there's no firewall, so I don't know. This is from a home computer, right?

What type of error messages if any are you getting when you have this problem?

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What type of Antivirus...

by dawmail333 In reply to

What type of Antivirus etc. are you running? Any security software that POSSIBLY could intefere? Any security browser plugins? My pet hate is when security stuff gets in the road, rather than just warning me.

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I am at work...

by morecowbell In reply to What type of Antivirus...

so, there is a firewall and a server, but the site is not getting hung up there.
we use etrust ...hmmm i will have to check on any security settings...but why would one profile be different than the other???
Something to look at i suppose.

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