cant access internet from LAN

By gavinjinks ·
Hi all,
I am having intermittent trouble with internet connection in my LAN. The PCs connect via a web server, and frequently the internet connection seems to drop for about 10 mins. But when I connect via a remote desktop to the server... the servers internet connection is fine! Ive changed firewall settings on machines, changed the patch leads to the server, switch and router and reset the router on numourus occasions.... any ideas?

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Do you have...

by jck In reply to cant access internet from ...

...anything on the webserver that locks out certain ports/protocols/IP ranges if there are spam/DoS/hacking attempts?

Just curious. I know some things can be configured to lock or deny access for a period of time when nefarious activity is detected.

Otherwise, I have no clue.

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by gavinjinks In reply to Do you have...

we dont restrict any of our users, and we have a very tight anti-virus and firewall in place to prevent ping DOS attacks etc

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client dns settings ok?

by Snuffy09 In reply to cant access internet from ...
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by gavinjinks In reply to client dns settings ok?

As far as im aware DNS has been set up fine on our DC, infact we have just made another server the new DC (for reliability issues) and re-configured the DNS. So im pretty stumped

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