Can't access mail server via http nor POP3

By Thurston, RJ ·
I'm having trouble connecting to a specific URL (related to a mail server) and am convinced that it is related to Comcast being my ISP.

Also I cannot use the Comcast connection to retrieve POP3 mail from that mail server.

Non-Comcast users can access the site.
My account does work from nonComcast connections.

I've tried OpenDNS configured at the router level and that didn't change anything.

What could be causing this?

If you are on a Comcast connection at the moment, test this URL and see if you get a prompt for a username and password.

Also, if you are on Comcast, what are your DNS settings? I've read articles that say not to use Comcast DNS servers but using OpenDNS didn't make a difference.

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by Richdoode In reply to Can't access mail server ...

Perhaps port 110 (POP3) is blocked on the router you are connected to Comcast with. If you have DLS the DSL modem (router) may have a firewall built in (mine did). I disabled mine because I use a real firewall. Unfortunately some ISPs block certain ports upstream from your device as well (not sure about Comcast) but your ISP tech support could give you that information.

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It's not the ISP blocking POP3

by Thurston, RJ In reply to Firewall??

Remember I can't get to the server via http or pop3.

However I can get to other POP3 servers.

I can configure my web based Yahoo account (as well as any other web based account) to retrieve POP3 from other mail servers but not from the mail server in question.

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Ping, Resolve or Telnet?

by Richdoode In reply to It's not the ISP blocking ...

Are you able to ping or resolve the mail server address? Can you telnet to port 25 on the mail server by IP or the name?

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Yes, Yes, No

by Thurston, RJ In reply to Ping, Resolve or Telnet?

Yes to ping, yes to resolve, no to telnet on port 25.

Are you forgetting that non-Comcast users don't have this problelm?

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by Richdoode In reply to Yes, Yes, No

No I'm not forgetting. I am asking so that I can tell if you are able to a) get to the IP address b) resolve the mail server address and c) make a connection on a specific port (25) across the Comcast network to that specific address. Since you answered Yes, Yes, No it appears that Comcast is blocking (intentionally or not) port 25 to the address of your mail server. I should have had you telnet to 110 for POP3 (force of habit to do SMTP first). If you cannot telnet to port 110 either then POP3 and SMTP are both blocked for that IP address.

-- Note I checked a few forums and it appears that as an attempt to block SPAM Comcast has recently (end of last year) began blocking ports 110 and 25 in and out of thier network. Sounds like time to switch to another ISP if you can.

Check this out under Comcast. Note all the red.

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