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    Can’t access MSExch 5.5 with W2K Pro


    by carlos72_1999 ·

    Is there a way that I can manage MSexch5.5 with W2KPro remotely. When I try to load just admin tools in the custume mode I get an error. This is the error I get “Processing file E:\Server\Setup|I386\admin.uns’, at or near line 7
    Microsoft windows NT
    IDno: 0xc0020035
    Network path not Found” Is there something I can do to resolve this problem. The Compnay that I work for isn’t ready to move W2K Server at this time. I would like to proform my task useing W2KPro instead of installing another NTBox. Can any one Help me.

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      Can’t access MSExch 5.5 with W2K Pro

      by pan 13 x ·

      In reply to Can’t access MSExch 5.5 with W2K Pro

      run the setup for exchange from the cd . install the server and admin tools. after install reboot,uninstall the exchange server database (the local install)and leave the admiun tools there. verify that you have the correct address for dns. If you can run the admin and not connect to the server you will have to add a static address in your wins database for you mail server.
      This is exactly what I had to do.

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