Can't access recently disabled user, SBS2k3 w/ Exchange

By cyrus ·
I have recently disabled a user who left the company, and I wanted to give the users manager access to their box. When added it gave an error:

"Unable to expand the folder. THe set of folders could not be opened."
Help suggests to run a scanost or scanpst.

things I have tried, I enabled the account, still no go. I checked the permissions, and it seems to be ok.

A thread you guys had here showed that it just started to work, regarding unhiding, or just slow AD replication.

I also saw another thread regarding keeping it disabled and checking permissiong to SELF for associated external account.

Any thoughts, I would think enabling the account and changing the password would work just for a test. And when I did that, even the actual user can not open Outlook anymore. Keeps getting a prompt to log on, and its not accepting the password.

Thanks for your future help.

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Weird Problem is this Outlook 2007?

by CG IT In reply to Can't access recently dis ...

Need to know which version of Outlook and if this is Windows Vista as well.

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Outlook 2003

by cyrus In reply to Weird Problem is this Out ...

I dont think it has anything to do with client, because I am able to add other users fine and open. I am testing this by adding the user's box on my outlook so I would have a folder for that user, but i can't open it.

thanks for your reply.

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by cyrus In reply to Can't access recently dis ...

I would say what fixed this is just delayed or slow AD update.

I will still want to research this, I do not like the idea of exporting the emails into a PST. I like the fact that I can just give a user permission to access someones mailbox with out enabling the account.

I read the thread about unhiding it from Address list, but I dont want the user showing in the address list as well. Is this possible?

what is the best practice on these scenarios? then again, if the employee doesn't work here, no point keeping the mailbox. I guess i'll go for the export option.

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I would say make em delegates

by CG IT In reply to Fixed

Delegates probably offer the best method to allow select users access to another users mailbox.

There is no real "best practice". I would say that if you keep in mind that when you delete a user account and their mail box, anything in the mail box not saved to a pst file is lost for good. So you can plan around that for what to do with employees to leave the company but might have customers still send emails to them and you don't want to miss those emails.

You could use Out of Office reply or forward emails from that account to another...

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