Can't access server by UNC

By nstiglitz ·
I am unable to access a server by unc path from my admin workstation, but I can access by unc if I use IP. Funny thing is I can access the server by unc anywhere else. I can ping the server by name, and Netbios is enabled. I did have folder redirection setup, but removed it. I still get a message that I am no longer connected to the server and that I need to synchronize, but each time I try to, it fails. Any suggestions out there?

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One Idea

by TechForLife In reply to Can't access server by UN ...

Perhaps you can try on your workstation at the command prompt ipconfig/flushdns

Or perhaps check your reverse DNS settings on your server to ensure it is configured properly.

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by Churdoo In reply to Can't access server by UN ...

If the "IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS" from the prior post doesn't change the symptoms ...

Are the DNS and WINS of this admin workstation set the same as everywhere else? Confirm with "IPCONFIG /ALL"

Seems something is wonky with NETBIOS resolution. From your workstation, does the command "NBTSTAT -a <server name>" produce results? and does "NBTSTAT -A <server IP>" produce the same results?

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by 1bn0 In reply to Can't access server by UN ...

You say this is your admin workstation.

Did you modify your HOSTS or LMHOSTS file when you were setting things up originally.?

If so the settings in the file would be read before anything else.

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