can't access the interent on my client workstation on my domain

By pappyse ·
i have a small network of 12 PCS i just configured my domain controller and i also discovered that all clients on the domain can't access the internet what can i do pls i need help

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by markp24 In reply to can't access the interent ...


Can you provide some information, Are your workstations runing TCP/IP? (Or using netbios or IPX/SPX)
If possible post some network configuration information.
Some things to look at:
If they are using TCP/IP are they configured to use the correct Network? Is the gateway address correct? is the DNS address correct? Can the workstations ping the gateway, can the gateway ping an internet site? Try a Tracert from one of the workstations to an internet site.
Try it both by IP and FQDN.
Confirm your DNS is working.

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Lets try this

by markp24 In reply to can't access the interent ...

lets see if we can get this to work

Domain controller -
Router address - (I am guessing )
subnet mask - (I am guessing)

the workstations IP configuration

IP addrerss range 192.168.1. X ( "x" representing any unused ip address from 1892.168.1.2 thru
Subnet mask
Default Gateway -

Dns options (I will use "open DNS" as an expample) (
more information here (


If you are using yoru Domain Controller as the DNS server you want to use, then there may be a configuration issue in the DNS server setup.
to test tyhat, use the Open dns server listed above, refresh you workstations dns information (ipconfig /flushdns)
then try doing a NSlookup to see where it is attempting to resolve the addresses from.

Non-authoritative answer:

please let em know if that helps

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